UK CO2 Emissions

I posted the following on a tumblr blog I created for data visualization however I believe that WordPress might be more suitable for these types of posts:

The data in this infographic represents the change in CO2 emissions between 2009-2016 and was provided by

I find two pieces of this infographic interesting. Firstly if you take a look at the Total CO2 emissions we can see that the UK’s CO2 emissions have dropped ~21% from 2009 to 2016. This is progress and it is great to see progress being made. However if we actually narrow in on the data. We can see the change is really only happening in the Energy Supply sector. The rest of the sectors have stayed fairly stagnant between 2009 and 2016. The second largest sector Transport has actually increased by 1.2% from 2009.

Why are we seeing real progress in the reduction of CO2 emissions only in the energy supply sector ? Is it because we have seen immense pressure on the fossil fuel companies to reduce CO2 emissions but similar pressures have not been enforced on the other sectors. What can we do to make these sectors just  as accountable as the fossil fuel industry  for reducing CO2 emissions?

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